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About Bal Bharati Pitampura

We are a school in Delhi with a student strength of 5028 between 4 and 17 years. We look forward to interacting with other schools across the globe through our blog!!

People,Profit & Planet


Our enterprise is totally compatible with the People, profit and planet motto. For the planet, we had contraband on the use of plastic bags for packing, disposal or any other purpose. This was done to ensure minimum use of non biodegradable materials.

The enterprises were also specifically chosen, keeping in mind the environmental favourability of each of them. By the sale of medicinal and aromatic plants, we aimed at eliminating all diseases from the face of this planet.


All throughout the school Enterprise Challenge, we indulged in a lot of community work. The students went to orphanages, donated books, fruits and other edibles to the kids. The school also gave presents to the Level -4 employees from the proceeds from the Canteen enterprise (Khao Gali).


Our enterprises were also extremely profitable and the school takes immense pride in this. The efficacy of the students was very high and we are extremely happy to have done something for the environment and for the people.


NOVEMBER – The Grand Finale!


The Bal Bharatian Dream of ending the School Enterprise Challenge on a spectacular note came true. We round off November and the School Enterprise Challenge with a stellar show this month.  This month, we tried a recent global phenomena that has taken the world by storm – Outsourcing. This month, for the school enterprise challenge, we tied up with Antarkranti – A Non Governmental Organization which supports Prisoner Reformation and post-release Rehabilitation Program.

They have set up pottery, weaving, bakery, chemicals and Paper making units inside the jail. Last year, the Combined Industries saw a turnover of Rs. 6.5crore ($1.3 million approximately).

They have helped in diverting the attention of the inmates from negative acts to productive and a beneficial direction.

(DJJS) Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (which literally translates into “Organisation for Sight for all), the trust which runs Antarkranti agreed to set up stalls inside the school campus for the sale of cosmetics, edibles and aromatic substances like candles and incense sticks. The School Enterprise Challenge team gets approximately 10% commission for acting as client solicitors and the remaining profit margin goes to the DJJS, who in turn, donate this amount for the treatment for the blind people and their re-integration into the society.

The month of November also saw the continuation of the Canteen, which we have mentioned in our previous post. It was a grandiose affair this time with a wide range of dishes on offer and as expected, it was a huge success. The dishes were fairly priced and acted as an apt refreshment for the students who often slaved for 12-15 hours each day during the Annual Day practices.

The School Enterprise Challenge unit took great pride in celebrating the school 27th Annual Day and Prize Distribution Ceremony.

It was a gala affair celebrated on the 19th November and it showcased the tremendous potential of our students and our abilities as a world-beating school.



As we near the end of the School enterprise challenge, there are a lot of things we’re going to miss at Bal Bharati Public School Enterprise Challenge Unit. One of them is going to be blogging. The excitement that circumscribes each post is unsurpassable. The amount of effort that goes into making each post is tremendous and we’re going to miss all this once we’re done with the School Enterprise Challenge.

Anyways, let’s move onto the business aspect of this post. October was a phenomenal success for the School Enterprise Challenge. The unit put up a stall for the sale of medicinal plants on the day of the Parent teacher meeting and the stall was a runaway success.

Not only did the parents appreciate the quality of plants on display but also they extolled the school for teaching students the spirit of entrepreneurship at such a young age.

The plan to set up a canteen for the Annual Day practices is being worked out and we’re hopeful that it will work out. Under the proposed layout, the canteen will serve only nutritious (and delicious!) food items – the ones which have not been deep fried and with little oil content. The menu is likely to have Rajma Chawal (rice served with cooked spicy kidney beans), Samosas (fried Indian sausages) and a horde of other items.

The canteen will be our swansong and we hope to go out with a BANG!. For the moment, that is it from the Bal Bharati School Enterprise challenge unit.

Au revoir!!

Khao Gali


After weeks of preparation, hard work, ferocious marketing, anticipation and excitement – the day the entire Bal Bharati Parivar had been waiting for finally arrived. As threats of rain loomed over a large part of the city, 25 odd students were making frantic last minute arrangements in the school at 6’o clock in the morning in order to ensure that everything fell in place before the event started.

“KHAO GALI”(Food fest) which was celebrated on 5th September, marked the launch of the second enterprise i.e “Run a  Canteen” for the school enterprise challenge. Food items ranging from Nachos, Samosas ( a fried sausage filled with vegetables), Pao Bhaji to ice cream and soft drinks were on offer and the proceeds from the event have been earnmarked for a social cause. The money required for procuring the food items on an advance basis was collected through voluntary donation from class 11th students. The full payments were made only after the sales had been completed. The fact that the event saw a six figure turnover is a clear testimony to its success.

A Fresh Beginning…..


The Bal Bharati Parivar has always dreamt of a Utopian world where all men are equal, the society is in harmony with the environment and economic development moves hand in hand with social progress.

With this aim in our minds, we enter the school enterprise challenge and hope to do our bit for the planet and its people. The school has, for the same, started with the sale of medicinal and aromatic plants. The initial investment of Rs. 1500 was procured by the sale of old newspapers contributed by the students of class 7th.  

Using this capital, the gardening club purchased 165 medicinal and aromatic plants of 11 different types from TERI( The Energy and Resources Institute), New Delhi for a sum of Rs. 825.  The club spent a further Rs. 100 on purchasing plastic packets and other supplements. The plants which were purchased included plants such as “Bryophyllum” and “Kadi Patta” which are known to have healing properties.

On 27th July and 20th August, that is the day of the Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM) for the middle standard student and primary students respectively, the gardening club students had put an attractive stall for the sale of these herbs. They had decorated the stall with various informative pictures and posters. A total of 107 plants were kept. The stalls were a huge success both times with an income of Rs.2270 and Rs.2700 respectively. The stalls also recorded an astonishing 100% sale on both of the occasions. The students and teachers were elated with the positive response and the club is now charged up and excited to put up a stall on the coming Parent Teachers Meeting (PTM) for the Montessori students in September. All the preparations are in full swing. The gardening club students purchased and propagated these plants through various ways and are planning to exhibit their talent at the Montessori PTM. The income from the total sale of the first batch is expected to be around Rs. 12,000 which is a huge surplus over the expenditure of Rs. 1000. Upon the successful completion of the first phase of the project, the second phase will be launched wherein more plants will be procured and the business will be expanded and diversified.

The School is also planning to launch its “Run a Canteen” enterprise from 5th September. The day has been chosen carefully as it is celebrated as Teachers Day in India and the celebrations are especially convivial at Bal Bharati, where class 12th students turn into teachers for a day.  On that day, the initiative will be inaugurated with zest and zeal. The inauguration will be succeeded by a day-long food fest which has been named as “Khao Gali” which means “Food Lane”.  The entire school will have a fun and food filled day at the event. The proceeds from the one-off event will go to charity and other noble social causes and the event will also raise awareness about the School enterprise challenge.



We at Bal Bharati are all set to get going!

We have had a few meetings with the team of teachers and students and
are geared to send across our final business plan. We’ve finalised
three main initiatives and will share the experiences along the
journey regularly with all of you.

To begin with, it took us some tome to come to a decision about the
enterprises that would not only be good business ideas, but would also
sensitise the students about environmental concerns and global
challenges plaguing the world today.

The response from the team was overwhelming, but we had to shortlist
three main ideas out of so many… there were arguments and reasons
for and against each business opportunity. We focused on the three

Finally, the plan is in its finishing stages and we hope to send it
across soon!!